Our Strategy

Serenity Street Foundation is an alcohol and drug residential recovery program which accepts men from prisons, jails, homeless shelters and alcohol and drug treatment centers. The suggested one year length of stay in Serenity House is a major factor in the above average success rate of our graduates.

There are basically three components to the Serenity Street program. First is the utilization of twelve step groups – which provide accountability, promote the cultivation of new friendships, offer mentoring opportunities, and provide a forum in which members share their experience, strength, and hope with one another on a regular basis. Strong bonds are formed through the participation in this group fellowship.

Second, stable housing and consistent employment are key factors in the quest for a sober and fulfilled life. Work provides a sense of self respect, dignity, honor, and the financial wherewithal to build a successful life.  All new residents work for Serenity Online, the Foundation owned business that sells donated merchandise on various online sites. After a period of sixty to ninety days, the men are referred to one of our partnering businesses. Each business owner has a keen understanding of some of the barriers to employment confronting our men, such as felony convictions and erratic work histories. Serenity Street works to ensure our residents acquire a skilled trade, resulting in a successful long term career.

Finally, in keeping with our faith based purpose, the residents are engaged in Bible studies during the week and expository Bible teaching on Sunday. The spiritual development of our residents is crucial to their achieving long term success. Developing a personal, growing and dynamic relationship with the living God of the Bible is paramount to achieving a radically changed life.