Our Mission

The Serenity Street Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help men recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Founded in 1996, with it’s headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, the Foundation operates two Residential Care Facilities which are licensed by the City of Columbus. These facilities provide a sober, safe and structured home environment for residents which promotes radical life change, dynamic personal growth and permanent sobriety. The suggested one year long commitment is a critical factor in our above average graduation rate, as compared to the industry standard. Eligible candidates for admission to the Serenity Street program are men eighteen years of age and older who have undergone a detoxification process from a treatment center or similar facility.

We use all means necessary to turn around a life mired in negative, destructive and self-defeating thought patterns and accompanying behaviors, which have resulted in devastating consequences and a serious crisis. The goal of Serenity Street is to graduate men who have developed a strong repertoire of skills which will enable them to make a successful transition back into society. They will make this transition as responsible, employed, law abiding and tax paying citizens. Furthermore, our hope is that significant progress has been made in the healing and reconciliation of familial and interpersonal relationships, especially between the residents and their children. The men will graduate from Serenity Street possessing a new attitude and outlook on life as well as the hope and confidence to live life with meaning and purpose.

Of the residents who complete the program, approximately 70% maintain sobriety, employment and housing. Many men who leave early report that their experience at Serenity Street was invaluable and eventually resulted in achieving sobriety. Included in this group are some who were accepted back into the program and successfully graduate. There are currently hundreds of men living sober and productive lives in their communities as a result of the dynamic and powerful experience of Serenity Street.