IMG_0619   My year at Serenity Street has been nothing short of a miracle. Prior to the program I had multiple FAILED attempts at ridding myself of drugs and alcohol. I had no idea how to get into a rehab facility or that twelve step programs like AA/NA even existed. I had always thought that drugs and alcohol were the problem. After my wife threw me out I found myself living in homeless shelter. I had failed at marriage and reached the point where my family and closest friends had turned their backs on me due to the demons I was battling. In the end, everyone I loved the most were the ones I hurt the most. I had hit financial, physical and spiritual bottom. I saw no way out of the mess I had created and attempted to overdose, multiple times. I did not feel strong enough to go on! Someone had told me about MaryHaven and that the cost was free. The process of the Detox Unit was explained as a bed for a month and medicine to alleviate heroin withdrawal symptoms. I had been out hustling every day and my stay at the shelter was coming to an end, making the whole idea of MaryHaven “ideal”. I entered MaryHaven, after jumping through some hoops, stayed thirty days and went on to the Destiny House long-term program, mainly because I still had nowhere to live. I took “me” with me and still thought I was different and that drugs and alcohol were the problem.  I got a job and a place of my own, living pay-check to pay-check but it wasn’t long before I found the needle again and my little world began spinning out of control. I remember breaking down and crying to my using my buddy, who just so happened to be mother. I had come to the end of myself, I had this hole inside of me and was ready to throw in the towel. Nowhere to turn, I went back through MaryHaven but this time I was ready to give up everything I thought I knew. I stayed open-minded and willing to listen. I spent over a month at MaryHaven, this time and was accepted into Serenity Street. My year here has been a Godsend. I was able to get close to God and put aside everything going on outside of the program. I got a Sponsor and worked the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I came through the front door of Serenity Street with the intentions on changing one thing and that one thing was EVERYTHING. My life has turned 180 degrees and I owe it all to God, Who I found to work mightily in this house. I haven’t acquired much along the lines of material things, since I’ve been here but I have a valid Driver’s License, a paid-in-full car, no more court fines hanging over my head and an inner peace with who I am. I have reconciled family relationships, great friends who care about me and God to cast all my fears, worries and concerns onto. That hole and emptiness I once felt inside is gone and I awake each day feeling more alive than ever before. Today I can willingly be of service to others, with no expectations of anything in return. There is a lot of satisfaction gained in doing behind the scenes things to make other people’s lives a little easier. Thanks to the Serenity Street Foundation, I know that drugs and alcohol were my solution and this program has shown me a new solution. This program has changed my sad existence into a life worth living and i truly believe a life worth living is life lived for God.