josh kromerI remember the beginning of my journey and decision to change. I think back and I am grateful that I discovered heroin. It was the drug that brought me to my knees. It was the deal breaker and It eventually opened my eyes. I could not go on anymore. Prior to this drug I had been experimenting with everything in the books for a good 13 years. Heroin only lasted 2 years for me.

I reached out for help and nothing could stop me. I have sought the help and stayed dedicated and sober for over 2 years now. I could not even wrap my head around going back to any substance (drugs or alcohol). For fear and knowledge that I know what will happen again.. and faster than ever. I have seen a new light and found a new way of life. Every day is not a walk in the park but it sure is better than the life that I was just existing in. I can live now!!

Everything starts with a decision and ultimately you are the one that makes up your own mind. Do you really want to be free from being a slave? Are you tired of the same thing over and over? Than do something about it. No matter how horrible you think your day or month is, there is a light at the end of every tunnel. You just have to find it.

Josh Kromer – 2012 Graduate, Operations Supervisor of the Serenity Online business venture and Assistant House Manager.